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Nordic Theme Park Trip - August '22

Sixteen days, two countries, five theme parks. Here's a relaxing trip exploring interesting parts of Finland and Sweden.

We've decided to share how we plan our theme park trips. We hope you find this helpful as you explore and plan your amazing trips in the future.

“Wait, the room price includes dinner AND breakfast?!?!”

Our trip for August, 2022 totals approximately 16 days and will be split between two countries, Finland and Sweden.

The first leg will be nine days in Finland. We’ve planned to visit three theme parks (Sarkanniemi, PowerPark, and Linnanmäki) during that time, as well as exploring some sites as we drive around the country.

Here's the itinerary for Finland:



Hotel (City)


0 Thursday

Arrive Helsinki


(Helsinki Airport)

1 Friday

Drive to Tampere

Visit Sarkanniemi Amusement Park

Drive to Vaasa

Hotel Vallonia


Rental car


2 Saturday

Drive to Powerpark

Hotel Vallonia (Vaasa)

3 Sunday

Drive to Kristinestad

Drive to Rauma

Hotel Raumanlinna


4 Monday

Visit Rauma

Drive to Turku

Park Hotel


5 Tuesday

Visit Turku

Park Hotel


6 Wednesday

Drive to Helsinki



​7 Thursday

Visit Linnanmäki Amusement Park



Drop off rental car

8 Friday

Fly to Stockholm

The second leg of the trip will be 9 days in Sweden. We plan to visit two theme parks (Ölands Djurpark, Grona Lund) and visit the Siljan Lake area.

Here in the itinerary for Sweden:



Hotel (City)


8 Friday cont.

Arrive Stockholm

Drive to Kolmarden

Hotel Sandviken


Rental car


9 Saturday

Visit Ölands Djurpark

Drive to Vasteras

Best Western Plus (Vasteras)

10 Sunday

Drive to Dalecarlie

Stop in Falun (mine, museum, church)

Drive to Lerdalshoejden

Best Western


11 Monday

Visit Siljan Lake

Best Western


12 Tuesday

Finish Siljan Lake

Drive to Gavle

Scandic CH


13 Wednesday

Visit Stockholm



​14 Thursday

Visit Grona Lund



15 Friday

Visit Stockholm archipelago



16 Saturday

Fly to Georgia


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