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Day 2: The Unexpected Delights of Sadarnac's Blind Tasting Menu in Montreuil

The next day, we chose to visit a tiny restaurant in Montreuil called Sadarnac. The neighborhood lacks a bit in terms of surprising eateries, which probably makes Sadarnac stand out even more. Indeed, Sadarnac doesn’t give you the choice of what you will eat! After a few questions about allergies or disliked foods, you will be offered a combination of blind-tasting dishes that you are sure to enjoy.

The first course consisted of a leek and potato mix. The potato was cut in an onion ring style, crispy on the outside with a delicious tender texture, almost like scalloped potatoes. The leek was more regular, but the whole was absolutely stunning.

The first dish of the main course (yes, there were two main courses) was a combination of butternut, smoked eel, caviar, and a type of foam (a classic in gastronomic cuisine, as it appeared to us). The dish had a very pleasant butternut taste; the eel was quite salty but served in a small portion, which made it a great combination.

For the second dish, we were once again served 'canard', this time as the stuffing for dumplings, combined with celery and an excellent broth with potatoes. As someone from Southern France, accustomed to the finest duck meat, it’s hard to describe this duck as the best I’ve eaten, but it was decent.

Interestingly, we finished again with a lemon pie, a very thin and flat one, but much less acidic than the one at the Michelin-starred restaurant, which made me prefer this one. We also had a canelé (a small cake from the Bordeaux region) with our coffee.

We were extremely impressed by Sadarnac and the blind tasting experience they offered. Sadarnac only made the Michelin recommendation list, but we ended up liking it even more than the Michelin-starred Chez Auguste from the previous day. We rated it a 9/10 for a bill of about 40€ at lunch. Our next adventures will take place in Southeast France after a 4-hour high-speed train ride. Stay tuned!



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